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#SerONoSer siempre ha sido el dilema… hoy… es un problema. #Venezuela (en Venezuela)
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A combination of pictures shows Venezuelan protesters at Altamira square in Caracas March 14, 2014. Venezuela’s state prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz said on Thursday the death toll from a month of violent protests had risen to 28, after the nation’s top court ordered opposition mayors to dismantle barricades set up by street protesters. Pictures taken March 14, 2014.  
Jorge Silva/Reuters
"Jorge Silva was born in Mexico City, where he studied journalism before deciding on photography. He began freelancing in 1998 in Mexico, and joined Reuters in 2000 as stringer based in Guatemala City. He was hired as staff photographer in Caracas, Venezuela, in 2003. His career highlights include troop embeds in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Haiti earthquake and World Cup in South Africa."
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Excelente fotografia @yarumphotos y @karenv_18 ♥ #Venezuela #Anzoategui #Estudiantes #UdoAnz #SoSVenezuela #PrayForVenezuela
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Universidad Central de Venezuela, 12 de marzo 2014.
Credit goes to Reuters.


Fight the Power
Caracas, Venezuela

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this is not Ukraine, this is Venezuela
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